Executive Biographies

Robert Strycharske, President

Robert Strycharske established Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. in 1994, and has over 30 years experience within the electric utility and civil disciplines. Beginning his career as Substation Designer for a major Midwestern utility, Mr. Strycharske expanded his vision to becoming an entrepreneur, having a profound and successful understanding of the future trend for utilities to move towards expanding infrastructure. As President of Realtime, Mr. Strycharske manages all aspects of the day-to-day operations for the company, including: financing, accounting, budgets, project controls, strategic planning, business development, marketing, public relations, and contract administration. He oversees project and resource coordination of all electrical distribution and transmission substations, as well as generation projects of up to $100 million annually, contributing greatly to the long-term success of this leading electrical engineering consulting firm.


David Conklin, P.E., Vice President of Electrical Engineering

David Conklin, P.E. was recently promoted from Director, to VP of Electrical Engineering, and has over 30 years experience within the utility and construction industries. In this position, Mr. Conklin is responsible for the oversight of an extensive team of engineers, designers and technicians, designing high voltage substations for utilities, industrial clients, developers, etc. He is accountable for the implementation, and adherence to all engineering processes, and engineering and management tools, that assure the quality and responsiveness required to meet the needs of our clients. Mr. Conklin was recently responsible for the start-up and continued success of Realtime’s east coast office, a location shared amongst the utility client, construction firm, and various Project Managers. His comprehensive management and engineering skills, along with a strong ability to work in a team environment, have made for the long-term success of this venture.


Jim Mahaffey, P.E., Director of Electrical Engineering

Jim Mahaffey, P.E. has more than 30 years experience in project management, engineering, construction, and operations for electric utilities, industrial, and commercial clients. As a Licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Master Electrician, Mr. Mahaffey has extensive knowledge in all aspects of project design and delivery. This includes contract administration, developing project scope, budget estimation, creating and maintaining project schedules, and the designing as well as quality control of electrical, civil, structural, and mechanical projects. Mr. Mahaffey is experienced in the design and construction of electrical systems for distribution and transmission substations, as well as commercial, industrial, institutional and health care facilities, including lighting and power utilization systems.


Gordon Prejean, P.E., Director of Electrical Engineering

Gordon Prejean, P.E. has more than 33 years experience in the electrical utility industry, serving in various roles such as Supervising Engineer, Lead Senior Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, and his most recent promotion, Director of Electrical Engineering for the Madison, Wisconsin office. Mr. Prejean is a Licensed Professional Engineer in 22 states and has provided technical and managerial support for substations ranging in voltage up to 500kV. He has extensive knowledge of every aspect of substation design from site preparation to SCADA installation. He oversees electrical, civil, and structural associated engineering, and is responsible for the supervision of his engineering project teams. Mr. Prejean’s excellence in communication with clientele assures that Realtime is meeting the client’s quality standards and expectations.


Rick Wells, P.E., Director of Electrical Engineering

Rick Wells, P.E. was recently promoted from Supervising Engineer, to Director of Electrical Engineering.  Mr. Wells has over 26 years experience in electrical engineering, contracting, and project management for electric utilities, industrial clients, high-technology, and commercial clients such as internet service providers.  He is experienced in the design of transmission and distribution substations up to 345kV.  His expertise includes supervising project teams, preparing proposals and scope of work documents, preparing and reviewing detailed physical and schematics drawings, specifications, calculations and drawing format for technical content pertaining to the design, and modifications of electrical facilities.  He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in 9 states and is an asset in this new role.


GMiniuttiGlenn Miniutti, P.E., Director of Electrical Engineering

Glenn Miniutti, P.E. was recently promoted to Director of Electrical Engineering at Realtime’s Boston, MA office.  In this position, Mr. Miniutti is responsible for the oversight and development of a diverse group of team members, including supervising engineers, project  engineers, designers, CAD technicians, and support staff who are involved in the engineering and design of high voltage substations for  utilities, industrial clients, and commercial developers.  Mr. Miniutti has over 25 years of engineering leadership bridging across utility and  consulting disciplines, and a long term understanding of all aspects of Power Delivery projects including Planning, Engineering, Design,  Project Management, Labor Management, Construction, and Commissioning.  He is an active member of IEEE, Honorary Life Member of the UWUA, and Licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states, including MA, CT, NH, NY, and FL.


David Herbst, P.E., Director of Field Services

David Herbst, P.E. was recently promoted from Senior Project Engineer/Supervising Engineer, to Director of Field Services.  Mr. Herbst has over 33 years experience in the utility industry.  Over the past twelve years, Mr. Herbst has built and managed the field services group at Realtime, while continuing to be hands on with substation and commissioning and testing work.  His management expertise extends to relay, SCADA, and maintenance technicians, while also servicing over 300 distribution and transmission substations and switchyards throughout his career. Mr. Herbst values continued education and training opportunities, and leads frequent internal training seminars at Realtime.  Mr. Herbst is also a guest speaker at local universities for various topics relating to the power industry.


Uttech, Mike - lt grayMichael Uttech, PMP, Director of Program/Project Management

Michael Uttech, PMP has over 15 years of experience in electrical engineering and project management, including supervisory project controls management and program development. In his recent role as Director of Program/Project Management, Mr. Uttech focuses attention on the   application of strong organizational and communication skills, development of project information systems, and building/development of program and project management for EPC tools and processes at Realtime.  Mr. Uttech continues to lead and supervise his project management team, from inception to project close-out.  He is a member of PMI and dedicated to advancing the practice, science, and profession of project management, as well as upholding the Institute’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.


Travis Meyers, Director of Business Development

Travis Meyers has an extensive background servicing and providing solutions to the Electrical Power and Oil/Gas industries.  As Director of Business Development, Mr. Meyers is responsible for creating, managing, and executing Realtime’s business development strategic plan, which includes expanding new and existing business relationships.  Every client is unique and Travis takes a consultative approach to understand the client’s needs and provide practical solutions.  Mr. Meyers is committed to ensuring the relationships that Realtime builds with its clients are lasting and mutually beneficial.