Quanta Entities

Quanta Services Entities

Aedon Consulting Inc., Allteck, Can-Fer, Computapole, Crux Subsurface, Inc., Dacon, DNR Pressure Welding, Dashiell, EHV Power, Hargrave Power, Intermountain Electric, Irby Construction Company, J.C.R. Construction Co., Inc., J.W. Didado Electric Company, Longfellow Drilling Services, M.J. Electric, McGregor Construction 2000 Ltd., North Houston Pole Line, Northstar Energy Services, Nova Group, Inc., PAR Electrical Contractors, Phasor Engineering Inc., Potelco, Probst Electric, Quanta Energized Services, Quanta Power Generation, Quanta Technology, Realtime Utility Engineers, Ryan Company, Service Electric Company, Summit Line Construction, Sumter Utilities, Underground Construction Company, Utilimap Corporation, Valard Construction, and Winco Powerline Services

Arnett & Burgess Pipeliners, Ltd., Banister Pipelines Constructors Corp., Can-Fer, Canadian Utility Construction Corp., CONAM Construction Company, H.L. Chapman Pipeline Construction, InfraSource, Mears Group, Microline Technology Corporation, North Houston Pole Line, Northstar Energy Services, O.J. Pipelines, Performance Energy Services, Phoenix Power Group, Inc., Price Gregory, Quanta Pipeline Services – Engineering, RMS Welding, T.G. Mercer, and Underground Construction Company


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Travis Meyers
Vice President of Business Development & Sales

Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc.
2908 Marketplace Drive, Suite 100
Fitchburg, WI 53719
Phone: (800) 297-1478 x7907
(608) 906-7907


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