Short Circuit Study and Services

Realtime Utility Engineers has the experience and expertise to create short circuit computer models of any industrial facility or electrical utility network, including generation, high voltage transmission networks, and low voltage electrical utility distribution systems.  Realtime has the ability to create a short circuit model and perform a short circuit study for any high, medium, or low voltage network.  The following are a selection of available services:

  • Short circuit studies which meet ANSI / IEEE standards C37 and UL 489.
  • Short circuit studies which meet IEC standards 60909 and 61363.
  • Automatic device evaluation for (3)-phase, (1)-phase, and panel systems.
  • Load terminal short circuit calculation.
  • Identify critical and marginal equipment ratings.
  • Generator circuit breaker evaluation.
  • Automatic (3)-phase device evaluation.
  • Device evaluation based on total or maximum, through fault current.
  • Include/exclude fault impedance modeling for unbalanced faults.
  • Include/exclude shunt admittance for branches and capacitive loads (unbalanced faults).
  • Graphical or tabular bus fault reporting.
  • Determine fault currents at motor terminals.
  • Phase-shifting transformer modeling ability.
  • Grounding models for generators, transformers, motors, and other loads.
  • Motor contribution based on loading category, demand factor, or both.
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