345kV Interconnect Switchyard and Line-loop

345kV – Interconnect Switchyard & Line-loop

Lallendorf Substation & Loop the Bayshore-Fostoria & Bayshore-Monroe 345kV lines in the Interconnection Substation

This project scope included the following:

Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. was awarded and performed preliminary engineering, detailed design engineering, procurement support, and construction support on the primary facilities required for interconnecting a nominal 799MW combined cycle natural gas power plant near Toledo, OH.

The switchyard consisted of a new 345kV (5)-breaker ring bus substation, including disconnect switches, relays, meters, RTU, SCADA, etc.  The transmission line scope involved designing a 345kV loop from the Bayshore-Fostoria & Bayshore-Monroe 345kV lines into the interconnection substation, utilizing (8) new steel pole structures on concrete foundations.  Additional scope of work included updating relaying on the 345kV Fostoria Central and Monroe lines at the client’s Bayshore substation, and coordinating similar upgrade activities within ITC’s and AEP’s Fostoria Central and Monroe substations.

Design Challenges & Solutions:

  • Due to the multiplicity of stakeholders and commercial arrangements, it was challenging to provide coordinated design deliverables that met an overabundance of requirements.  This project was Developer and ISO driven, with the interconnect switchyard ultimately being owned/operated by the client.
  • Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. hyper-communicated through all EPC phases, and maintained a great deal of flexibility for quickly incorporating engineering and design criteria, as it was expressed along the way.  Part of the communication process included assisting the client in finalizing technical specifications for major materials.  This information was then communicated back through prime-contract holders, and ultimately to the Developer, in order to meet important project milestone dates.
  • Engineering and associated procurement and construction activities were accomplished/delivered by Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. on-time and on-budget.


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