69kV Central Avenue Substation

69kV – Central Avenue Substation 

Switch and Terminal Structure (WR# 3432727) – Capital Heights, Maryland

Project Scope:

Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. (RUE) provided civil and structural engineering and design for the replacement of the 69kV support steel required for the high-speed ground switch and steel plates found on the terminal structure.  The scope included new cross members for the high-side switch and station service transformer, along with the evaluation and calculation of the existing transformer, foundation, and oil containment, in order to determine if it was suitable for reuse in placing a new 30MVA transformer.

Design Challenges & Solutions:

On September 24th, 2013, the #3 transformer at Central Avenue Substation failed catastrophically.  The event resulted in a fire which caused damage to the existing steel supports, cable, cable trays, high-side switch, transformer, and station service transformer.  RUE was asked to attend a site visit with the client on October 1st, 2013 to determine a remediation scope of work and construction sequence for restoring all equipment in Bay #3.  The access road to the substation had been damaged by vehicles during this catastrophic event.  RUE provided civil design for the access road repairs, due to damage caused during construction.


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