Berry Street Substation

Berry Street Substation, Plainville, MA

New 115-345kV Substation

New station in Plainville, MA comprised of a 345kV switchyard, 115kV switchyard and a 345/115kV autotransformer with a new control house. The existing 345kV (303 and 315 lines) and 115kV (D-182S and C-181N lines) loop in and out. This project scope of work included the following:

  • 345/115/24kV auto-transformer.
  • (2) 345kV bays with (3) breakers in one bay initially, ring configuration.
  • (3) 115kV bays with (8) breakers, breaker and a half scheme.
  • Designed to accommodate ultimate configuration of (3) 345kV breaker-and-a-half bays, (4) 115kV breaker-and-a-half bays, and (2) 345/115/24kV autotransformers.
  • Control house is a pre-engineered steel building.


Engineering, Design, and Construction Support Services Includes:

  • Foundations, fencing, grading, interior road paving, and yard surfacing.
  • Equipment and support structure foundations.
  • Control house with HVAC, lighting, and separation of cablesĀ 
  • Underground duct banks (Trenwa trench system).
  • (2)125 VDC batteries, charger systems, and DC cabinets.
  • (4) 208/120 VAC, (3) phase, (4) wire AC panel boards.
  • Station service transformers with fused safety switches and auto-transfer switch.
  • Substation bus conductors, insulators, grounding, control & power cables, yard lighting, and lightning protection.
  • Various studies and analysis: Battery sizing, busbar rating, lightning protection, ground grid design, station service AC and DC loads, and civil/structural analysis.
  • Review of all shop drawings and trade prints.
  • Assist with bid packages, bid evaluations, procurement activities, and vendor and construction RFIs.


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