Council Bluff’s Energy Center Substation

Council Bluff’s Energy Center Substation (CBEC), Council Bluffs, IA
(9) – 161kV Breaker Replacements


This project scope included the following:

The scope of work consisted of providing design and engineering services to replace (9) 161kV breakers at the Council Bluff’s Energy Center Substation in Pottawattamie County, IA.  In addition to the breaker replacements, test switches were installed in the schematic and wiring diagrams to isolate the tripping contacts of (15) lockout relays. The completion date for the installation of the breakers was 6/1/2013 for the first (5) breakers, and 12/31/13 for the other (4) breakers.


Engineering, Design, and Construction Support Services Included:

  • Replacement of (9) 161kV circuit breakers
  • Installation of trip isolating test switches for (15) lockout relays


Realtime’s responsibilities included the design and engineering of the replacement of (9) 161kV circuit breakers, and installation of trip isolating test switches. Engineering provided complete procurement and construction support services, including review of all shop drawings and trade prints. Realtime also assisted with bid packages and procurement activities.


Challenges Included:

Engineering was completed on a small budget and tight schedule. The existing schematic and wiring diagrams had to be modified to accommodate the additional CT circuits and trip coils available with the new circuit breakers and provide the desired primary and backup protection separation. Lack of relay panel space and documentation of existing schemes required extra effort to properly install the test switches. Drawings were created to properly document the new devices. The project deliverables were divided into three segments requiring three separate final design packages with multiple revisions on some drawings.



The engineering of this project was performed on an aggressive client schedule, and was completed in less than five months from the project start date. This schedule allowed the Client to stay on the overall project’s baseline schedule, resulting in the breaker replacement and test switch additions to occur during the scheduled outages.

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