Harvest Avenue Substation

Harvest Avenue Substation, Fort Dodge, IA

New 161/13kV Substation

Harvest Avenue Substation is a new greenfield station, located in Fort Dodge, IA. This station is comprised of: (2) 161kV line terminals; (2) 161/13kV, 33 MVA transformers; and (2) 161kV, 26.4 MVAR capacitor banks, all fed from a single bus. There are also (3) 13kV feeders and (2) 13kV capacitor banks that are fed from a Power Distribution Center, which also houses the relay panels for the 161kV protection and control.

Engineering, Design, and Procurement and Construction Support Services Included:

  • A (6) element 161kV bus with (4) breakers and (2) circuit switchers in a single bus configuration.
  • Power Distribution Center – Pre-engineered steel switchgear building.
  • (2) 13kV capacitor banks.

Realtime’s responsibilities included the design and engineering of the substation line terminals; bus and yard equipment (GA) layout; foundation design; development of the grading and elevations in the yard; design of the ground grid system and lightning protection system; and design and detail of the underground trench system. Realtime sized and designed the 125 VDC batteries and charger systems, DC panel boards, 120/240 VAC panel boards, station service transformers with fused safety switches, and transfer switch.  Engineering provided studies and analysis, as required, for the battery sizing, bus bar rating, lightning protection, ground grid design, station service AC and DC loads, and civil/structural analysis.

Realtime engineered and designed the 161kV protection and control systems for all lines, buses, and breakers.

Engineering provided complete procurement and construction support services, including review of all shop drawings and trade prints.  Realtime assisted with bid packages and procurement activities.

Engineering was completed on a small budget and tight schedule. This substation was built to serve a corn processing facility which was under construction and required a firm in-service date, thus meeting the schedule was critical. This was the first substation of this voltage on the client’s system with (2) lines, (2) transformers, (2) 161kV capacitor banks, (2) 13kV capacitor banks, and a PDC with switchgear and high side relay panels. As a result, new relaying schemes had to be designed and associated schematics and wiring diagrams created.

Engineering was completed on a small budget and tight schedule. The engineering of this project was on an aggressive schedule and was completed in less than 4-months from the start date. This schedule has allowed our client to stay on the overall project’s baseline schedule.

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