Madbury Substation

Madbury Substation, Madbury, NH

Relaying and Electrical Upgrades

Realtime engineered the removal and replacement of L175 relaying (primary and secondary) and partial removal and replacement of M183 relaying (existing primary relaying becomes secondary).

Realtime’s Design Included:

  • Removal and replacement of (6) 115kV 2000A vertical disconnect switches.
  • Removal and replacement of (1) 115kV 2000A motor operated disconnect switch.
  • Removal and replacement of wave trap, ACSR conductors.
  • New L175 and M183 line protection schemes and breaker failure relays.
  • Expanded SCADA, annunciator, JMUX and IED systems.
  • Prepared O&E plan, Electrical, and P&C.
  • Prepared scoping documents.
  • Prepared P&C descriptions.
  • New Bitronics meters.


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