Meadowbrook Substation

Meadowbrook Substation, Winchester, VA

Upgrade and Expansion of an Existing 500/138kV Substation

Realtime was responsible for engineering design work to accommodate the 500kV substation expansion, (1) 500kV shunt capacitor addition, and the addition of a fourth 500/138kV 392 MVA autotransformer with LTC.

Realtime engineered the protection and control design associated with the addition of a fourth 500/138kV 392 MVA autotransformer with LTC. To accommodate the transformer addition, new 138kV breakers were added to the breaker-and-a-half bus arrangement, and (2) 138kV lines were moved to new bus positions. The design included (3) new relay racks, plus extensive modifications to existing relay panels. Wiring diagrams were prepared for the new transformer and breakers. Existing annunciator, DFR, and LTC paralleling schemes were modified to accommodate the additions.

Engineering design work to accommodate the 500kV substation expansion included extending (2) 500kV buses, adding (4) 500kV breakers, moving (1) existing 500kV line termination, and terminating (2) new 500kV lines. Realtime’s responsibility included site design, layout, bus design, foundations, steel structures, ground grid, and equipment connections. Protection and control design included new line protection schemes, as well as incorporating the new lines into the existing bus protection and synchronizing schemes. Replacement SCADA and annunciator systems were required for the existing station to accommodate the line and equipment additions. Line OPGW fiber terminations and fiber interconnection panels were also part of Realtime’s responsibilities.

Realtime also provided the engineering for (1) 500kV shunt capacitor addition, consisting of a 500kV bus extension, installation of a 500kV motor-operated disconnect switch, and (1) 500kV circuit breaker (with synchronous closing), additional 500kV CVT’s, 500kV reactors, 500kV arresters, and (3) single pole manually-operated grounding switches, (1) 200/F288 MVAR shunt capacitor bank with phase and neutral imbalance detection equipment, yard lighting, and shielding. New control panels were installed in the existing control building, within an area formerly used for material storage. Modifications to the building partition wall were required.

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