Station #318, Station #875, Station #514

Station #514T
Kingston Street Station, Boston, MA

station1This project scope included the following:

The project scope included all testing and commissioning activities involved in the construction of a major GIS transmission substation, sited within a high rise building, located in downtown Boston. Electrical apparatus commissioned included a (4) breaker 345kV GIS ring, an (11) breaker GIS station2115KV ring, (2) 450MVA, 345/115kV power transformers, (2) 345kV transmission lines, and (8) 115kV transmission lines. The overall scope of the project included all activities associated with the station operations, including high voltage GIS breaker and bus commissioning, relay protection and control scheme verification, SCADA systems reporting, and AC and DC station service and auxiliary systems.


Station #318 San Juan Street

Civil, structural, and electrical engineering and design services, as well as construction support to prepare a scope of project and engineering design construction packages. The project consisted of replacement of (4) 13.8kV/4.2kV, 5/6.2MVA transformers; (3) bus sections of 4.2kV switchgear with (3) new 6/8/10MVA transformers; (3) cubicles of 13.8kV switchgear; and (3) new sections of 4.2kV switchgear at Substation 318, San Juan Street, Boston, MA.


Station #875 East Cambridge

The project scope included a (6) breaker 115kV GIS ring, (3) 62.5MVA, 115/13.8kV power transformers, and (3) bus sections of outdoor walk-in, 13.8kV metal clad switchgear in (2) enclosures. The overall scope of the project included primary design, controls and protection, and design of low voltage ac and dc station service and auxiliary systems. The GIS and transformer enclosure was designed to blend in with the city environment. A unique deflector system was installed above the transformers. Electrical work included electrical outlets, lighting, HVAC, and any other electrical appurtenances related herein.


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