Wylie Ridge Substation

Wylie Ridge Substation, Weirton, WV

Addition of (2) 500-345kV 750 MVA Autotransformers

Realtime designed the replacement AC/DC distribution switchboard, plus relaying associated with the installation of (2) new 500/345kV 750 MVA transformers.  The project included designing the new switchboard to supply existing station loads, as well as future transformers and substation expansion.

Realtime engineered all relay work associated with the installation of (2) 500/345kV 750 MVA autotransformers. The design included (2) new relay racks with primary and backup relaying for transformer differential protection; modification of existing 500kV bus differential protection; addition of a new transformer to the existing differential zone; modification to the existing 345kV transformer secondary differential protection; and addition of a new transformer to the differential zone.

Design Challenges & Solutions: Significant time constraints were a major design challenge to this project. The design schedule required three and a half months, where a similar project typically would allow for one year until design completion.  Realtime’s solution was to create an accelerated schedule using internal resources.

Additional design challenges included the creation of relay schemes to accommodate the following:

  • Modification of a number of elaborate, older relay schemes.
  • Addition of new transformers and controls consistent with existing schemes.
  • Paralleling new transformers with existing transformers.
  • Modification of protection on the 500kV breaker-and-a-half bus configuration.
  • Modification of  protection on 345kV bus sections in a ring-bus configuration.
  • Addition of 500kV and 345kV motor-operated disconnect switches on each transformer.


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