138kV – New Line Route Determination, Illinois

138kV – New Line Route Determination, Illinois (North LaSalle–Fox River; Ottawa–Fox River)

138kV Siting, Permitting, and Evaluation

Realtime evaluated (180) miles of potential right-of-way to define (3) alternative routes for new 138kV transmission lines for a major mid-western utility.  Realtime participated in the process to obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity (CPCN) from the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), and performed detailed line engineering for the construction of two new 138kV transmission lines to loop feed the new Fox River substation in the City of Wedron, IL.

Project Scope:
Realtime performed the following tasks to establish routes for (2) new transmission lines:

  • Provided LiDAR aerial surveys and video imagery of potential routes
  • Developed route selection criteria and methodology for presentation to the ICC
  • Created a property-owner database for real estate support and notifications
  • Organized and exhibited at all public meetings
  • Developed graphics and participated in informational workshops for property owners and the communities at large
  • Provided expert witness testimony and documentation for the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) filing
  • Facilitated all permit applications (USFWS, IEPA, DNR, FAA, RR, etc.)
  • Developed design standards for the new lines, including: pole design, material specifications, and construction specifications
  • Engineering included: steel mono-poles on foundations with braced-post insulators; distribution under-build, both single and double circuit in areas; long-span crossings of the Illinois River; and thorough coordination with numerous utilities, pipeline companies, municipalities, state and interstate roadways, and several railroad entities.
  • Provided complete detailed engineering documentation, BOMs, and survey stake-out for construction of both transmission lines by Client crews.

Design Challenges & Solutions: The (38) miles of new line completed a proposed transmission loop in northern Illinois. The complexity of the project included designing multiple corridors through both rural and urban areas.

Realtime’s application of evaluation criteria led to the selection of a preferred route. Additionally, Realtime coordinated all of the required environmental analysis and utilized the environmental data for site selection. Realtime also coordinated design standards unique to the owner.

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