Birdsboro – Pine Lane 69kV

Birdsboro – Pine Lane 69kV

Double Circuit Wood Pole Rebuild
North Boyertown, PA

Based on the expected 2013 summer peak load conditions, an outage at North Boyertown 230/69kV transformer No.1, with Panther Creek Generator out of service, resulted in a flow on the Birdsboro – Pine Lane 69kV line that exceeded 106% of its emergency rating. The normal/emergency rating of the 69kV line is 55/56 MVA (SN/SE). A majority of the Birdsboro – Pine Lane line is a double circuit with another 69kV line.

Project Scope:
Due to the urgent need for this project work and because LiDAR survey information was unavailable, Realtime suggested that information be obtained from “Global Mapper” for ground terrain.  During the kick-off site visit, Realtime also used a sub-meter accurate hand held GPS unit and a “TeleHeight” unit to locate aerial obstructions.  This initial field information was then followed by the addition of a commissioned field survey that occurred while engineering proceeded in unrest and added to the new transmission line design before final revisions, to ensure adequate clearance and proper structure locations.

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