Up-Rating NERC Clearance Certification & Remediation

Up-Rating NERC Clearance Certification & Remediation

Realtime was to certify a recently completed NERC Alert rating study prepared by a LiDAR survey company and consulting engineer, and perform remediation engineering and cost estimates for (19) miles of this single circuit wood H-frame line.

Project Execution: PLS-CADD models and rating reports were received from the Client. An extensive QA/QC of the LIDAR data, conductor temperature calculation, and rating report was performed. Realtime then evaluated the proposed up-rate of the line, and performed remediation engineering for the replacement of approximately (30) percent of the existing structures (64 of the 217 structures). Through the detailed engineering process, Realtime was able to recommend, of the (11) spans identified in the rating study, as requiring remediation.

The existing 336 ACSR 26/7 conductor, static wire, and fiber optic (OPGW) were all evaluated and retained. The existing conductor splices were replaced with new splices capable of sustaining the design temperature of 140˚C.  Realtime checked all spans for clearance, from ground and aerial obstacles, as well as all wire crossings, to assure compliance with the latest version of the NESC Code, plus a 0.5 ft safety buffer. Realtime generated cost estimates for all remediation alternatives.

Realtime is continuing this effort with the Client for several additional transmission lines and detailed field validation of encroachments for the lowest cost remediation design engineering and construction, along with scheduling and prioritizing remediation activities.

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