230kV – Maple Ridge Wind Park

230kV – Maple Ridge Wind Park

Collector & Switching Station Design
Lewis County, NY

Maple Ridge Wind Park, sitting atop the Tug Hill plateau in Lewis County, New York, was commissioned near the end of 2005 with an ultimate output of 320 MW. Maple Ridge connects to National Grid/Niagara Mohawk’s transmission grid via Rector Road, a 34.5kV-230kV step-up collector substation and Chases Lake, a 230kV ring-bus switching station.

Project Scope:
Realtime Utility Engineers was contracted to complete the design and drawing sets for both the collector and switching substations, after performing a due diligence review of a previous consultant’s partially completed design. Extensive engineering was required to revise over (500) drawings and create over 45 new drawings.

Design Challenges & Solutions:
Design challenges included complex protection scheme redundancy and system separation requirements, while incorporating multiple communication systems such as power-line carrier, microwave, audio-tone, and fiber optics. The engineering was completed within a highly-compressed timeframe. Realtime released over 1,300 revisions in (5) months. Realtime was also tasked with complete project drawing management and control, including an additional (100) plus vendor drawings.

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