Interconnect Facility Study 100 MW Wind

Interconnect Facility Study 100 MW Wind

100 MW Wind Generation
Generation, Wisconsin

This project consisted of a General Interconnection Facility Study submitted to Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) by the Client, in which the Client provided the estimate for performance of an Interconnection Facilities Study for the Generation Interconnection Request, designated as G793.

Facilities Study Summary:
The facilities study report documented the Network Upgrades and the Interconnection Facilities necessary between the Transmission Owner’s Interconnection Substation and the Wind Generation Owner’s facilities.

The Interconnection Facilities include those items needed to establish electric connectivity from the Transmission Owner’s new 138kV substation main bus to the wind generation facilities overhead line. These facilities included bus and overhead line work consisting of 138kV isolating disconnect switches, a 138kV circuit breaker, surge arresters, equipment support structures, insulators, and equipment jumpers, all located in the Transmission Owner’s substation.

The new Transmission Substation consisted of two, 3-cycle, 3000 A, SF6 gas line breakers, one 3-cycle 3000A, SF6 gas interconnection breaker and a 138kV (3) terminal, 3000A straight bus arrangement in a configuration that allowed expansion to a future six position ring bus configuration.

The Interconnection Substation was constructed adjacent to the existing line X79 138kV transmission line. The new substation included a new control house with adequate AC and DC station service auxiliary supply, new protection and control panels and a new RTU for communication with the Transmission Owner’s System Operation Center.

A telecommunications demarcation was needed for communications the Client uses.

A GSU 138kV high side breaker was required by the Transmission Owner at the Wind Generator’s substation. The cost of the breaker was the responsibility of the Wind Generator.

The line relaying scheme at the Wind Generator’s substation needed to be the same as that required in the Transmission Owners substation.

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