Quanta Services

Realtime’s parent company, Quanta Services, Inc., is the leading supplier of specialty contracting services within the power industry. Being a part of Quanta allows Realtime to provide all of the unique services our clients require for their projects, from planning to engineering, as well as procurement and construction.

Quanta Services, Inc. focuses on providing the highest level of professionalism, service, and value to its customers in each of the industries it serves.

That philosophy is the driving force behind the success as a leading specialized contracting company, delivering comprehensive network solutions to the electric power, natural gas and pipeline, telecommunications, and renewable energy industries. Quanta’s project teams repeatedly demonstrate their commitment, completing all projects and work assignments on time, within budget, and to the highest of quality standards. That level of performance does not happen by chance.

Quanta was built on the collective strengths of some of the nation’s leading contractors, strategically selected to develop a comprehensive service portfolio and geographic reach. Quanta is one of the few specialized service providers truly capable of regularly delivering end-to-end solutions on a nationwide basis, from planning, engineering and design, through procurement and construction, to start-up, operations, and maintenance. Quanta integrates and manages all work scopes assigned to its companies, subconsultants, and subcontractors. This allows customers to avoid the inefficiencies and expense of working with multiple contractors.

More than 50 years of experience reside within Quanta’s diverse operating units, resulting in a deep understanding of customer’s performance requirements. Quanta combines that experience with our industry-wide perspective, innovative technologies, and proprietary methodologies. As the markets change, Quanta keeps pace, actively and strategically growing our knowledge base, capabilities, and geographic reach to better serve customer needs.

Quanta’s strong focus on customer service is based on shared objectives – financial, continuous improvement, diversity, and others. The customer’s success is Quanta’s success. That translates to a number of benefits, including higher productivity, shorter project timelines, lower total cost of ownership and, ultimately, improved shareholder value. The best measure of success is the level of repeat business from Quanta’s diverse base of customers. Quanta holds long-standing relationships with numerous clientele.


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