Field Services

Realtime’s team of experienced Protection Engineers, Senior SCADA Technicians, Senior Relay Technicians, and Relay Technicians provide extensive commissioning, testing, and maintenance services for distribution and transmission substations, and switchyards.

Realtime installs, troubleshoots, and checks out substation SCADA, annunciation, recording, telecommunication, and protective relay systems.

Our field services team specializes in the following areas:

  • Line Protective Relay Testing
  • Substation Protective Relay Testing
  • Current Transformer Testing
  • Capacitive Coupled Transformer Testing
  • CT and PT Circuit Checkout
  • Control Circuit Checkout
  • Power Line Carrier Tuning
  • Wave Trap Testing
  • Satellite Synchronized End-to-End Testing
  • Relay Simulation to Test Relays under Actual Conditions
  • SCADA / RTU Checkout and Verification
  • Double Power Factor Testing
  • SF6 and Oil Circuit Breaker Testing


Upon request, Realtime can also provide: Ground Grid and Earth Resistivity Testing, Battery and UPS Testing, Transformer Oil Sampling, and Infrared Inspection


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