Commissioning and Testing

Realtime employs experienced testing and commissioning personnel, utilizing combined testing experience of more than 120 years. Our commissioning work has ranged from 480V generators to 345kV bulk transmission substations, nationwide. Realtime has commissioned renewable resources, as well as traditional utility infrastructures. Our core competencies include directing construction electricians in brownfield substations, developing energization sequences, electromechanical/microprocessor relay testing, event analysis, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Realtime specializes in the small wires/control aspects of commissioning which requires specific knowledge of electrical networks and relay philosophy.

Our reputation has been built on providing testing services that ensure entirely functional equipment and precise as-built drawings and documentation of the completed project.

Realtime also provides field testing related to substation design, including:

  • Soil resistivity testing for both greenfield and existing substations
  • Ground grid and ground well testing for both design verification and substation upgrades

Realtime utilizes industry-standard software to develop soil models and design ground grids specific to a client’s specifications.

RUE equipment inventory includes a Megger DET2/2 Auto Earth Tester with experience in the operation of (available as needed) an AGI Super Sting R1 IP Earth Resistivity and IP Meter.

Commissioning Equipment Includes:

  • Doble 6150 Test Sets
  • ProTest Software
  • Arbiter Multiphase System Analyzer
  • Fluke and Simpson Multimeters
  • SignalCrafter Model 60, Attenuator, Model 70, Model 90 & Model 110
  • PowerComm PCA 4125 Power Communications Analyzer
  • 100kV DC Hipot
  • AVO Micro-Ohmeter
  • MultiAmp TTR
  • 4-20 mA Transducer Calibrator/Tester
  • SEL 5010, SEL 5601, SEL Accelerator Software


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