Line Maintenance & Upgrades

Maintaining the reliability and the extended life of transmission lines, while ensuring employee and public safety, are prioritized issues which utilities must face every day.

Operating a safe and reliable electric transmission system requires continuous monitoring of transmission facilities and equipment. Without regular inspections and maintenance, lines may develop reliability issues or premature failure. Even with regular inspections, unforeseen natural disasters or abnormal environmental conditions can still present unique maintenance challenges.

Realtime utilizes software programs such as PLSCADD, PLSPOLE, STAAD, and MFAD, along with LiDAR survey data, to aide in the evaluation of transmission line conditions. Using this generated data, Realtime is able to identify immediate and potential maintenance requirements, as well as any additional recommendations which can ultimately extend the useful life of existing facilities.

Available services for potential maintenance issues include:

-Existing line condition evaluations
-Thermal ratings and encroachment reports
-Thermal violation remediation options:

  • Structure reframes
  • Replacement structure designs
  • Splicing conductors
  • Conductor sag and tensioning options

-Structural and foundation analysis
-Vegetation clearance reports
-Right-of-way management recommendations

Identifying potential maintenance issues is an on-going, critical process for utility companies. Maintenance issues which go undetected can result in line outages, employee and public safety issues, unexpected costly expenses, and premature line failure and/or replacement. Realtime’s staff is able to recognize these issues and recommend a preventative approach for cost-effective solutions which promote public safety and reliability for our utility clients.

Realtime uses precise LiDAR survey data to evaluate vegetation management concerns for existing transmission lines. The LiDAR survey is imported into PLS-CADD software to create vegetation management reports, graphics, and vegetation clearance checks, including Vegetation Management Danger Tree. Realtime is then able to identify clearing requirements, both inside and outside of the right-of-way, which will extend the life of the line and eliminate potential outages due to trees or limbs falling onto the transmission lines.

The following are illustrations from a vegetation clearance check, Vegetation Management Danger Tree:

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