Line Rating Studies

Utilities are continuously challenged with balancing the need for increased power delivery, with the need for costly new transmission facilities. In many of these cases, utilities have an alternative option; that of increasing the capacity of existing lines. Realtime can assist with optimizing existing line capacity, via methods such as line rating studies, engineering recommendations, and remediation options.

-LiDAR data post processing
-Conventional survey data importing and processing
-Full PLS-CADD modeling of the transmission line to LiDAR or conventional survey data (match existing conditions on the day of survey)
-IEEE 738 – 2012 or Rate Kit calculations for day of survey conductor temperature
-Detailed transmission line clearance calculation and reporting:

  • Clearance to ground by span or by phase
  • Clearance to aerial obstacles including vegetation
  • Clearance at crossings either above or below the study conductor
  • Wire to wire clearance reporting

-NERC compliance reporting
-Remediation engineering to correct clearance encroachments
-As-built line modeling and line rating verification

Below is a sample clearance report highlighting some of the many options available to clients. Reports can be customized, as required, for each specific application.

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