Line Routing & Siting

Realtime believes routing and siting efforts are an interactive process. This analysis requires our Transmission Line Engineering Team to work very closely with our Clients to develop the most optimal routing options. The process begins with initial route evaluations, and continues throughout public meetings and construction, as the route continues to evolve.

Realtime utilizes publicly available data, well in advance, which greatly assists in developing preliminary routing evaluations, before potential corridors can even be accessed. Depending on the requirements of the client/project, this data set then evolves as the route options are eventually finalized, to later include statistical analysis and field verification.


Urban/Developed (Cities & Refineries) Rural (Ag & Wind Farms)

Environmental (Development & Protected/Sensitive Lands)







Realtime’s Routing and Siting Services Include:

  • Determine Project Area
  • Determine Easement (Right-of-Way) Requirements
  • Determine Route Evaluation Criteria
  • Determine Criteria Weighting
  • Determine Local, State, and Federal Agencies
  • Determine Highway, Railroad, and Environmental Permitting Requirements
  • Acquire and Process GIS/CAD Data
  • Develop an ArcView model (using GIS/CAD data collected)
  • Determine “Potential” Route Corridors
  • Develop Route Matrix Spreadsheet for “Potential” Routes (for comparative analysis)
  • Evaluate (3) “Preferred” Route Options
  • Determine (1) “Primary” Route (2 alternate routes)
  • Determine Mailing List for Public Information Meetings
  • Attend Public Information Meetings (as client consultant)
  • Prepare Final Graphics and Route Matrix Spreadsheet Routes
  • Prepare Easement Exhibits, Descriptions, and Documents
  • Provide Project Tracking (real estate acquisitions)


PLS-CADD Preliminary Routing Overlay (in Google Earth) – Urban & Rural

PLS-CADD Preliminary Routing Overlay (in Google Earth) – Railroad & Highway Corridors

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