Transmission Line Engineering

At Realtime, the Transmission Line Department maintains a very focused and positive work environment, providing clients with the most advantageous and current design options. Staying engaged on evolving technologies, maintaining a complete knowledge of the NESC, and utilizing the collective experiences of each team member, are just a few reasons why Realtime is able to excel within the electrical consulting industry.

Realtime’s Transmission Line Team services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Field Surveys and LiDAR rapid data collection
  • Incorporation of surveys into PLS-CADD
  • Properly coding survey data and applying NESC clearances
  • Re-conductor using:
    • ACSR
    • ACSS
    • ACCC
    • ACCR
  • Re-build structures:
    • Wood
    • Laminated wood
    • Light duty steel
    • Engineered steel
    • Steel tower
  • New Line Design:
    • Real Estate considerations
    • Structure location optimization
    • Environmental considerations
    • Permit drawings
  • Line Optimization based on:
    • Loading increases/decreases
    • Emergency conditions
    • NESC clearances
    • Client standards
  • Structure Drawings
  • Material Lists and Procurement Assistance
  • Plan and Profile Drawings
  • Construction Specifications
  • Construction Support













The 3D PDF illustration below represents an interactive walkthrough of all structures located along a client-owned transmission line. To view the walkthrough more extensively, simply click the play button on the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Individual structures can be viewed more closely by clicking on the button that is located next to each structure, allowing an opportunity for a zoomed in view of the structure selected.

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