Collector System Design

Realtime has developed a high performance approach to the design of wind park collection systems, recognizing the ambitious schedules that drive most projects.

Using GIS software and client-provided survey or public domain topographic data, Realtime is able to create a collection system layout within a matter of days.

Ground grid modeling, using software tools such as WinIGS, allows for an analysis of the turbine ground grid, as well as the collector feeder ground grids. Based on worst-case scenarios, multiple options can be provided to keep the ground grid at each turbine below the manufacturer requirements.

Electrical system modeling, using software tools such as E-Tap, allows projection of load flows, short-circuit analysis, and annual losses. The final step in the process is the development of construction drawings, specifications, and bill of materials.

Collector System Design Components:

  • Site Plan
  • Environmental Corridors
  • Circuit Layout
  • Evaluation of Electrical and Thermal Losses
  • Conductor Sizing
  • Fiber connections and wire details
  • Turbine and System Grounding Plan
  • Construction Drawings and Specifications
  • Bill of Materials

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