Substation Project Summaries

502 Junction Substation, Mount Morris, PA

New Greenfield 500kV Substation

Realtime engineered this 500kV greenfield substation, consisting of (4) 500kV lines, designed with future expansion to (6) 500kV lines and future transformation to 138kV. This design required the movement of over 2 million cubic yards of materials, as well as removal of over 80 feet of mountain top, for the ultimate substation layout.
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Auburn Street Substation, Whitman, MA

Substation Upgrade and Line Tap Relocation

Project scope included the install of a second auto-transformer and expansion of the existing 115kV south yard, requiring the temporary relocation of 345kV lines (Line 335 and Line 342), to temporary structures. Relocation of NSTAR 115kV lines (Line 191 and Line 194) is also required.

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Berry Street Substation, Plainville, MA

New 115-345kV Substation

New station in Plainville, MA comprised of a 345kV switchyard, 115kV switchyard and a 345/115kV autotransformer with a new control house. The existing 345kV 303 and 315 lines and 115kV D-182S and C-181N lines loop in and out.

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Bridgewater Substation, Bridgewater, MA

Multiple Substation Upgrades
This project included (2) separate project scopes:

  • The Bridgewater Upgrades Project
  • The Bifurcation of the E1 Line at Bridgewater Substation
    Associated projects included Somerset and Belmont Substation work.
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Comerford Substation, Monroe, NH

230kV Switchyard Revitalization

This project included (2) separate projects scopes:

  • 230kV Switchyard Revitalization
  • 230kV Disconnect Switch Replacement at TransCanada’s Request
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Eastport Substation, Rochester, NH

115kV Substation Expansion

Realtime engineered the expansion of the Eastport Substation, expanding bus and adding new line and breaker positions.

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Eliot Substation, Eliot, ME

New 345kV Switchyard

Eliot Substation is a new greenfield station located in Eliot, ME. This station is comprised of a 345kV switchyard, with a (3) line double breaker ring bus configuration and new control house. The new substation connected the existing 345kV Newington-Deerfield 307 line, located in New Hampshire to the Central Maine Power (CMP) System.

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Harvest Avenue Substation, Fort Dodge, IA

New 161/13kV Substation

Harvest Avenue Substation is a new greenfield station located in Fort Dodge, IA. This station is comprised of: (2) 161kV line terminals; (2) 161/13kV, 33 MVA transformers; and (2) 161kV, 26.4 MVAR capacitor banks, all fed from a single bus.

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Madbury Substation, Madbury, NH

Relaying and Electrical Upgrades

Realtime engineered the removal and replacement of L175 relaying (primary and secondary). Partial removal and replacement of M183 relaying (existing primary relaying becomes secondary).

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Meadowbrook Substation, Winchester, VA

Upgrade and Expansion of Existing 500/138kV Substation

Realtime was responsible for engineering design work to accommodate the 500kV substation expansion, (1) 500kV shunt capacitor addition, and the addition of a fourth 500/138kV 392 MVA autotransformer with LTC.

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Monroe HVDC Converter Station, Monroe, NH

Phase/Converter Terminal Retirement

The Monroe Converter Station projected consisted of the decommissioning, removal, and/or relocation (on-site) of most HVDC Phase 1 facilities; including the converter building, valve hall and associated equipment, and an underground storage tank for an oil-water separator system.

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Palmer Street Substation, Palmer, MA

115-23kV Transformer and 23kV Regulator Install

The scope of work included the install of a new 115-23kV, 12/16/20 MVA transformer, 115kV 1200A circuit switcher, extension of 115kV Bus 1, (1) 23kV 1200A load break switch, 23V 1200A circuit breaker, and 23kV breaker disconnects.

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Staff Substation, Cambria, WI

New Greenfield 138kV Switching Station

Realtime’s involvement with this project began with finalizing the Client’s facilities’ studies and exhibits within the pending generation interconnection agreement. The substation was a greenfield site, ultimately consisting of a ring bus arrangement.

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Wylie Ridge Substation, Weirton, WV

Addition of (2) 500-345kV 750 MVA Autotransformers

Realtime designed the replacement AC/DC distribution switchboard plus relaying associated with the installation of two new 500/345kV 750 MVA transformers. Project included designing new switchboard to supply existing station loads as well as future transformers and substation expansion.

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Rochester Substation, Rochester, NH

Modifications to Existing 115kV Substation

A new 115kV switchyard adjacent to Rochester Substation is under construction and (2) existing 115kV lines were re-routed from Rochester, to the new switchyard called Eastport. The scope of the Rochester project included the electrical and P&C removals and additions required in Rochester, the cut-over of the (2) lines, and more.

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Webster Substation, Franklin, NH

115kV Electrical and P&C Modifications

Realtime engineered the removal and replacement of obsolete substation and protection control equipment. The project scope included the replacement of aging circuit breakers, concurrently with other obsolete equipment specified within several transmission project summaries.

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Transformer Restoration and Replacements, MD

230/138/69kV Multiple Projects

Realtime provided the civil, structural, and electrical engineering for the placement of a new spare 224MVA transformer (230/138kV).

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Council Bluff’s Energy Center SS, IA

(9) – 161kV Breaker Replacements

The scope of work consisted of providing design and engineering services to replace (9) – 161kV breakers at the Council Bluff’s Energy Center Substation in Pottawattamie County, IA.

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Wind VIII – (4) New Substations, IA

New 345-34.5kV and 161-34.5kV Substation Design

Realtime’s responsibilities included the design and engineering of the substation line terminals; bus and yard equipment (GA) layout; foundation design; development of the grading and elevations in the yard; designing the ground grid system and lightning protection system; and design and detail of the underground trench system.

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Station #318 San Juan Street, Station #875 East Cambridge, and Station #514T Engineering and Design Services (Massachusetts)

Civil, structural, and electrical engineering and design services, and construction support were requested to prepare a scope of project and engineering design construction packages for (3) Massachusetts substation projects.

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345kV – Interconnect Switchyard and Line-loop

Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. was awarded and performed preliminary engineering, detailed design engineering, procurement support, and construction support on the preliminary facilities required for interconnecting a nominal 799MW combined cycle natural gas power plant near Toledo, OH.

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115kV – Forestville Substation

Provided engineering and design for the retirement of an existing 115kV breaker failure relay and reclosing scheme. Also provided engineering and design for the retirement of (2) existing 115kV oil insulated circuit breakers, and installed a new 115kV, 2000A 40KA gas insulated circuit breaker.

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115kV – Orchard Substation

Provided engineering and design for the retirement of an existing 115kV breaker failure relay and reclosing scheme. Installed (2) SEL 351-6 relays for the breaker failure and reclosing scheme. New relays were connected to the existing station frame relay access device.

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230kV – Bells Mill Road – New Spare Transformer

Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. provided the civil, structural, and electrical engineering for the placement of a new spare 224MVA transformer (230/138kV).

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230kV – Bells Mill Road – Replace Transformer

Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. (RUE) provided civil and electrical engineering to replace an existing 230/69kV, 220MVA transformer, along with replacing the transformer protection relays, and fire walls.

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69kV – Central Avenue Substation

Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. (RUE) provided civil and structural engineering and design for the replacement of the 69kV support steel required for the high-speed ground switch and steel plates found on the terminal structure.

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