Transmission Line Project Summaries

345kV Line Feasibility Study – ROW, Construction & Environmental Impacts

345kV Lower SEMA (Southeast Massachusetts) Carver to Barnestable Right-of-Way Corridor

This project consisted of evaluating the feasibility of building a new 345kV transmission line approximately (20) miles in length.

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115kV to 230kV Transmission Line & Submarine Cable Upgrade Facility Study

Line PV-20 115kV Line

The purpose of this project was to evaluate the Client’s existing 115kV PV-20 transmission line and underwater cable that interconnects to the neighboring electric company, for an increase in electric load and potential upgrade to 230kV.

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Line Rating & Up-Rate Using PhaseRaiser Technology

138kV – Increasing Vertical Clearances by Raising 64 H-Frame Structures

Commissioned by a major Midwest Transco, Realtime Utility Engineers completed a load rating study of an existing 138kV transmission line.

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138kV – New Line Route Determination, Illinois (North LaSalle – Fox River; Ottawa-Fox River)

138kV – Transmission Line Route Evaluation

Realtime evaluated (180) miles of potential right-of-way to define (3) alternative routes for new 138kV transmission lines for a major mid-western utility.

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138kV – Rated – Transmission Line Relocation, Wausau, WI

US Highway 51 & South 29 Line Relocation

A Client’s 34.5kV distribution line needed to be relocated as a result of a Wisconsin Department of Transportation highway interchange project.

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345kV – Rating Study & Tower Raising Project, Illinois

345kV – L11212 & L8012 (50) Mile Lattice Tower Upgrade

The purpose of this project was to upgrade an existing (50) mile 345kV lattice tower line with double bundled conductor, through a combination of nips, tucks, floating dead-ends, and tower raising.

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345kV/161kV/69kV/34.5kV Transmission Line Rating & Facilities Study, Throughout Iowa

Facilities Study for Over 4,000 Miles

Realtime worked with an Iowa utility to assess the safe operating capacity for over 4,000 miles of transmission lines, ranging from 34.5kV-345kV.

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115kV/230kV/345kV/765kV Line Clearance & Remediation – NERC – FAC Line Rating Alert

1,400 Miles of Rating Studies – (46) Transmission Lines

The purpose of this project was to evaluate the Client’s critical transmission lines and identify significant discrepancies between the record documentation and the current field condition, in response to NERC Recommendations.

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Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project

500kV and 220kV Line Upgrades – Phase 1 Southern California

The Tehachapi renewable transmission project is a series of 220kV and 500kV transmission line upgrades between the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area and Vincent Substation, located in Los Angeles County, California.

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Maintenance Rebuild of 138kV Transmission Line

Kirkwood SS (KIR) to Spring Green (SPG), Wisconsin

Realtime reviewed (26.4) miles of existing 138kV transmission line to re-mediate all existing thermal violations. The project included the detailed design of (2) and (3)-pole steel structures, material specification/vendor drawing review, and procurement/tracking of material delivery.

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Siegfried – Quarry Rebuild

69kV Double Circuits Rebuild
Lehigh Valley, PA

Realtime provided engineering and design services to a Pennsylvania utility for the reconstruction of an (8)-mile 69kV double circuit line.

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Birdsboro – Pine Lane – 69kV

69kV Double Circuit Wood Pole Rebuild
North Boyertown, PA

Based on the expected 2013 summer peak load conditions, an outage at North Boyertown 230/69kV transformer No. 1 with Panther Creek Generator out of service, resulted in a flow on the Birdsboro-Pine Lane.

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Up-Rating NERC Clearance Certification & Remediation

(19) Miles of Single Circuit Wood H-Frame Transmission Line

The purpose of this project was to certify a recently completed NERC alert rating study prepared by a LiDAR survey company and consulting engineer, and perform remediation engineering and cost estimates for (19) miles of this single circuit wood H-frame line.

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Overhead vs. Underground Cost Study

Study to Develop Order of Magnitude Cost for 345kV & 138kV Transmission Build for the State of New York

The Client, as part of its economic process, was to perform studies to identify congested elements for which generic solutions were proposed.

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69kV Overhead to Underground Conversion

69kV Line Conversion to Underground for Highway Expansion

Realtime engineered the relocation of a 69kV transmission line for a large highway expansion project. All utility facilities in the area were to be relocated underground. The design was squeezed on a prohibitively narrow strip of land between a large waterway, highway, and railroad.

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138kV – Collins Ferry – Lake Lynn Reconductor

Reconductor (6.8) miles of 138kV between Lake Lynn and West Run Substations (Fayette County, PA and Monongalia County, WV)

After modeling the proposed conductor, Realtime performed an analysis of the existing steel lattice structures, and developed an in-depth scope of work.
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California Public Utilities Commission

CAsummarypicRe-Evaluate & Update General Order 95 Standards for the Design of Wood Utility Poles

The scope of this project was to evaluate and update GO95 for best practices, design parameters, and modern materials.
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Storm Resiliency Study

stormsummarypicEvaluate the Effect of 100 Year and Greater Weather Events

This project was an evaluation of the present ability and future needs of the Client’s Transmission facilities to withstand extreme weather events.
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CorTen Steel Lattice Tower Analysis

CorTenAnalysis of Deteriorating CorTen Lattice Towers (46 Transmission Lines/1,400 Miles/1,370 Towers)

RUE was contracted to inspect and examine a sampling of CorTen structures exhibiting rusting issues.
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Transmission Life Extension & Moderization

NYPA345kV Tower Stub Angle & Leg Corrosion Remediation

The purpose of this project was to develop boiler plate designs and details on select NYPA 345kV lattice tower lines.

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Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project

NYPAConstruction Access Roads

Realtime Utility Engineer’s (RUE) portion of the project was to engineer access roads for the construction of 90 miles of new 500kV lattice tower line.

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69kV (138kV Capability) Wisconsin River Transmission Crossings

NYPAUpgrade of (4) 46kV Double-Circuit Lines across the WI River in Wausau, WI

Upgrade of (1) 24.9kV Overhead Lines across the WI River in Stevens Point, WI
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