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Corporate Responsibility

At Realtime, we are enabling the critical infrastructure necessary for a carbon-neutral future.


We provide solutions by collaborating with our customers and continuing to innovate. We are shaping the way our customers are able to deploy resources. The move to a carbon-neutral future will require significant infrastructure hardening and modernization — we must have a grid that is built for redundancy to move power around and connect renewables in a sustainable way.



Our Commitments

Enabling a carbon-free future by building the necessary infrastructure in support of our customers’ goals … “What is measured is obtained.”


Prioritizing our people — employees, customers and shareholders.


Impacting the world around us — and the communities where we work, play and live. We are engineering the electricity grid that is necessary to interconnect renewables. We continue to harden and modernize the grid against age and extreme weather events, so that power flows better and line loss is reduced.


Ensuring sustainable operations and accountability across all sectors, in everything we do.

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