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Investing In You

Our people are at the core of Realtime's success.

We depend on our people to strive for excellence, no matter how big or small the task – and to know that their actions affect the company as a whole.


We are fully committed to providing the resources it takes to ensure their safety and invest in our employees’ future, with the latest education and training available. To that end, we are continuously developing the latest curriculum to provide comprehensive and industry-leading training capabilities.

Substation Courses

A1: Introduction to Substations
A2: The Substation Design Process
A3: Substation Physical Design
A4: Power System Protection
A5: Panel Layout and Wiring
B1: National Electrical Safety Code
B2: Communications for SCADA and System Protection
B3: Calculations
B4: Distribution Systems
B5: Additional Topics

Transmission Line Courses

T1: Introduction to Transmission Lines
T2 Part 1: The Realtime Design Process
T2 Part 2: Transmission Line Design Process
T3 Part 1 : Transmission Line Design
T3 Part 2: Transmission Line Design
T3 Part 3: Transmission Line Design
T3 Part 4: Underground Design
T4 Part 1: Introduction to PLS Software
T4 Part 2: Introduction to PLS Software

Testing & Commissioning Training

FS1: Safety
FS2: Testing of Standard Apparatus
FS3: Doble Power Factor Testing
FS4: Relay AC /DC Circuit Verifications
FS5: Introduction to SCADA Testing
FS6: Switching Orders & Hold Off
FS7: Introduction to Testing Relays
FS8: Introduction to Load Checks
FS9: Developing Isolation Procedures
FS10: Relay Testing
FS11: SCADA & HMI Testing
FS12: IEC 61850 Network Protocol & Relay Testing
FS13: Hold Card Procedures
FS14: Performing Load Checks
FS15: Power Line Carrier
FS16: Requesting Protective Relay Outages

Emerging Leaders Program

Our Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) leadership development program is designed for early-career professionals and potential leadership candidates. We focus on teaching the skills, tools, and habits utilized by successful leaders in leading themselves as well as others.

Leadership Development Pipeline

Our Leadership Development Pipeline (LDP) program creates an internal stepladder that moves eligible candidates from one position to another. We provide in depth training on all facets of our business to ensure they have the tools and knowledge needed to be successful in leadership roles.
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