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502 Junction 500kV Substation

Realtime provided engineering services for a 500kV greenfield substation, consisting of (4) 500kV lines, designed with future expansion to (6) 500kV lines and future transformation to 138kV.  This design required the movement of over 2 million cubic yards of materials, as well as removal of over 80 feet of mountain top, for the ultimate substation layout.

Realtime was responsible for the engineering of the (4) line terminal 500kV switchyard, which consisted of (8) 500kV breakers installed in a double breaker-double bus configuration. Space was included for installation of a fifth and sixth 500kV line terminal, also with a double breaker-double bus configuration. The substation was also graded for the future 500/138kV step-down transformation and 138kV facilities.  An approximate 40’ x 120’ metal control building was installed to house the substation electrical controls, metering, and communications equipment. The building also houses the 125VDC storage battery and charger, and is climate controlled, complete with well and septic facilities. A 52’ x 32’ maintenance building was designed and installed, as well as a separate 16’ x 24’ emergency generator building.  Realtime also engineered a new SCADA system which has been installed.


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