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Line 813 69kV Rebuild

Realtime provided engineering services for the Line 813 69kV Rebuild.

The existing 3.54 mile Carsonia – South Reading (813) 69kV line is to be rebuilt from six-wire bifurcated steel lattice tower and wood pole construction to three-wire steel monopole and wood pole construction. In total, twenty-one (21) steel lattice towers and fourteen (14) wood poles are to be removed and replaced with twenty-two (22) steel monopole and thirteen (13) wood pole structures. New 556 kcmil 26/7 ASCR “DOVE” conductor and 3#6 Alumoweld shield wire will be installed on the new structures. The existing line traverses rugged terrain through Neversink Mountain and experiences elevations varying across its length from 300-900ft. A particular challenge on this project is the design of a new steel transmission structure to support the line and a cellular antenna array. An existing lattice tower had been retrofitted to support a cellular antenna array and this existing array needed to be transferred to the new structure.

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