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Soteria 161kV Substation & Transmission Line

Realtime with Quanta partner M.J. Electric provided engineering, procurement and construction services for a 161kV green field substation & transmission line.

The 161kV SE Soteria substation was a double-breaker double-bus configuration with four (4) 161kV line terminals, sixteen (16) 161kV circuit breakers, three (3) 161-13.8kV transformer terminals, and three (3) 13.2kV switchgear units initially. Provisions for one (1) future 161kV line terminals, ten (10) future 161kV circuit breakers, four (4) future 161-13.8kV transformer terminals and four (4) future 13.2kV switchgear units.

The transmission line was approximately 0.47 mile of new 161kV line tapping a 161kV line to make two (2) connections to the SE Soteria Substation. It also included approximately 0.38 mile of new 161kV line tapping into another 161kV line. The project included new self-supported single pole steel structures on drilled pier concrete foundations at all corner and angle locations, and single pole wood structures at all tangent locations. New OPGW was installed over the new line segments and a splice in of existing OPGW at the line tap points. The project also included the removal of approximately a 0.01 and 0.04 mile 161kV line. Existing structures were also evaluated for reuse as part of the line tap. If any structures were over stressed, they were replaced with new structures and/or foundations or modify existing structures and/or foundations to accommodate the new loads.



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