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Station 418 115kV Substation

Realtime performed engineering services for Station 418. The project included an existing 115/12kV single bus air insulated substation with (2) two existing 115kV lines and (4) 115/12kV transformers. Two (2) new 115kV lines were added to the substation; Line 949 (to Station 48) and Line 940 (to Station 255). Both new lines got new 115kV circuit breakers and MODs, all new yard devices included SEL 2411s, and new breakers controlled by SEL 451s. Due to thermal overloading, Bus tie breaker 7X41872, its associated switches, and the bus were replaced. In addition, the existing circuit switchers were replaced.

As part of the work, a new 115kV control house was installed, with new AC and DC systems, new communications interfaces and all required auxiliary systems were also installed. New 115kV Line, Bus and Transformer protection were installed in the new control house, specifically:

  • New Line protection for the (2) existing 115kV lines; Line 910 & 917
  • New 115kV Protection for existing 115kV bus sections 1 & 2
  • New 115kV Protection for existing 1T, 2T, 3T and 5T
  • New SEL 451s control and protection relays for the existing breakers
  • All existing yard devices will get new SEL-2411s
  • Two (2) new Station Service transformers
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